3_Diagnostics by the use of ultrasonography has been one of the revolutionary issues in equine reproduction. Since early 80´s has been an important and crucial tool in every day equine reproduction work. The amount and quality of information that gives us has no comparison with hand rectal palpation. Some of the new information and uses that we can achieve are:

- Early gestation diagnostics (12 to 14 days)
- Twin gestation detection and control
- Late gestation and fetal soundness control
- Fetal sexing at 65 days and 140 days
- Ovary and uterine pathologies detection and management
- Placental pathology and control.

BIOTEQ has the equipment for great and professional ultrasonography. We count with a Sonosite Micromaxx can with a multi frequency linear transrectal probe and also equipped with color power Doppler for several innovating uses in equine reproduction diagnostics.